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The cat found lost gold earring it in Lake Forest

Received a call from a friend of an older woman in Lake Forest that lost a gold heirloom earring and was sick about it.

Set up meeting for next morning but within an hour received a call from the woman that lost it, sounding desperate and crying, pleaded with me to come that day.

I had a few appointments, which I was able to reschedule and get out there.

Once I arrived and talking with, her seemed she was really not sure where it was lost, either in a car the driveway or in the house.

I was hoping I would find it in the car or driveway as the house is one of the older Lake Forest mansions, which would be quite a job to say the least.

After about an hour and a half of searching out side and in the car looked like I had no choice but to go inside.

Got good news when she told me she was only in 2 of the rooms when she realized it was missing, the kitchen and her bedroom.

I went to the bedroom first and did not have any luck, she then mentioned she used to the washroom besides the other rooms.

When I asked if it was ok to get in there she said she had a sick cat so rather I did not. I am not sure what pushed me to insist on going in but she eventually agreed as long as I did not let the cat out.

When I went in I leaned over to pet the cat and guess what, sure enough it was right next to the cat, almost like she was guarding it.

When I say you never know, believe me you never really know, just cannot rule out anything in these types of searches, anyway most importantly a happy ending.

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