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Lost class ring returned after 29 years in Chicago, Il

After 29 years found its way back home.

I found this Class Ring ring over 10 years ago and have tried a number of times to find it's owner to no avail.

I called the school a couple times but could never get any reply or anyone to call me back and actually eventually gave up, recently I thought I would try again so I posted on Facebook looking for suggestions how to find the owner, someone asked if the school had a Facebook page and found they did, I posted what I found and received a call, they tracked down the owner and he came in today to pick it up.

Really a great feeling when you can give something back that was lost so long ago and when in the owners mind it will never be seen again.

The interesting part is he said he lost it in the water at Gillison Beach in Wilmette, I found it at Loyola College at Harlem and Touhy.

Guess it was found by someone else and lost again, anyway it is back where it belongs.

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