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Found Lost her Cartier Platinum Diamond engagement ring

Received a call from a couple in Elmhurst.

Lost her Cartier Platinum Diamond engagement ring while raking leaves. Not sure exactly where in the yard. They kept about 10 bags of leaves in case it got into there.

They purchased a metal detector from Amazon and searched all day with no luck and decided to give me a call.

It was a sizeable yard so I thought this would be a long search especially since I would have to go through all those bags. I decided to check the yard first and leave the bags for last.

after about an hour I got lucky and hit it, it was under a small bush and totally out of sight. Could not get into the bush as it was much to thick but fortunately it was not that tall and my detector hit it while I ran it over the bush.

Her tears of joy once I showed it to her were simply beautiful!

Happy ending.

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