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2 lost gold rings found in Lake Zurich, Il

Received a call from a woman in Lake Zurich that said she lost 2 rings, one a small white gold diamond wedding band and the other a was a Gold Claudaugh ring which was the most important to her as it was her grandfathers. She said she was sunning herself and placed her rings on the chair next to her, she got up moved the chair and forgot about the rings, looked for hours with no success. She said her Daughter was running around the entire yard and may have picked them up so I was figuring on having to do the entire yard, just thought if she just lost them by moving the chair they would be right there. I swept the detector over the area she had the chair and found the first one in about a minute second one right after that total of about 3 minutes. The grass was high and the rings made it to the surface totally out of view. Happy ending, preferred not to be photographed so just have a hand shot.

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